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Can Electric Knife Cut Bone?

Electric knives are usually brought to the table when you want to slice a well cooked turkey to perfection. Known for being perfect for clean cuts through soft meats, these knives are quite versatile and an excellent addition to any kitchen. However, one of the main questions that people ask when it comes to these knives is the following: can electric knife cut bone? Read on below and find out.

Can Electric Knife Cut Bone

Best Uses of Electric Knife

When using any knife, you will discover that there are certain tasks that the knife excels at while others it simply is not effective. When it comes to electric knives specifically, it is advisable to avoid using these knives to cut through:

  • Tough meats, including bones
  • Soft foods

One exception when it comes to cutting bones with electric knives is when dealing with poultry. This is because poultry is generally moist and also not very tough as compared to red meats. It is still possible to cut through red meats with an electric knife, but you should do it carefully so that that blade does not hit the bone. The knife could easily break and get damaged.

Why Use an Electric Knife to Cut Meat?

The main reasons why you should use an electric knife to cut meat are as follows:

  • Less exertion – You do not have to use a lot of force when cutting when using an electric knife. The blades easily slice through the meat without having apply lots of pressure
  • Precision – For highly precise cuts to create uniform slices of meat, an electric knife is the best option
  • Speed – It takes up to ten minutes to cut through a turkey manually, and less than a minute when using an electric knife.

How to Cut Bone Using an Electric Knife

There are some cases where you can use an electric knife to cut through bone. If you do not like using shears or you prefer using the swift blade of your electric knife, then follow these steps below. First of all you need to ensure that the meat is frozen, as this will make it easier for the blade to cut through.

When cutting through frozen food, there are a few key principles that help ensure a safe process. You can easily cut packages of meats, bones, frozen vegetables and fish directly from your freezer. One of the benefits of doing this is the fact that it can accelerate the process of cooking during those busy days when you want to prepare meals quickly.

Required Items

  • Cutting board
  • Electric knife
  • Frozen-food knife

It is recommended to cut through bone using a strong, tough stainless steel blade on a sizeable cutting board. Some electric knife blades are specifically designed to be used with frozen items. Generally, these blades will have serrated edges as well as the ability to stay sharp for a longer time since they are designed to be quite hard.

You should be very cautious when handling an electric knife. This is because this equipment can cut both through the frozen meat and bones.

Always follow the manufacturer’s directions to avoid injuries or accidents. However, electric knives are generally designed to be safe to use without any hassles.

The first step is to wash the serrated electric blades by hand or in your dishwasher. It is important that the blade is as sharp as possible to prevent accidents. In addition, it ensures that you do a clean cutting job.

Remember to point the electric knife away from your body while cutting the frozen meat and bone. Frozen items are usually quite slippery, so ensure you are holding onto the item safely so that it does not slip accidently when cutting. So, secure the meat in place on your cutting board first before trying to make cuts through the bone.

Finally, you can make the cuts using the electric knife, and then wash your cutting board with hot water and soap afterwards. This will help avoid contamination since frozen meat can leave residues that cause bacteria growth if you do not clean your board correctly.


In conclusion, the question whether or not electric knife can cut bones can be seen to be dependent on a few factors. While it can cut through the light poultry bones without any difficulty, it is the red meat bone that is an issue. However, you can still cut through bone using an electric knife provided you freeze the meat first in advance.

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