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Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve N Set

Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve N’ Set Review

Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve N Set

It was in the 1970’s where electric knives were at their most popular. It seemed like every kitchen at home had an electric knife set for cutting and carving during the 70’s.

Today, however, electric knives are no longer as popular as they were before. This decrease in popularity can be attributed to the rise of several brands that are not as trustworthy and as high-quality as those that first started the electric knife industry.

With this issue, it’s understandable for people to forego the electric knife and stick to the traditional knives instead. At the same time, this shouldn’t limit you from exploring the world of electric knives because they do offer great advantages as compared to non-motorized knives.

For this review we will talk about the Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve N’ Set and how this electric knife set could possibly be the one that changes your opinion about electric knives.


  • Brand is known for its electric knives
  • Carves meats and bread easily
  • Stainless steel blades
  • FREE hard case for easy, compact, and space-saving storing
  • Slices are uniform in thickness
  • Easy to grip handle; ergonomically designed
  • FREE carving fork included


The Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve ‘N Set still remains as one of the most popular brands when it comes to electric knives. This fame and popularity are well-deserved as this brand has proven itself as a useful and reliable kitchen tool time and time again.

It’s strategically positioned two stainless steel blades aid in ensuring each cut of soft bread or thick and juicy meats are uniform in thickness. This creates a beautiful aesthetic when serving food that can rival those at a fine restaurant.

Another aspect of the electric knife that users rave about is it’s easy to grip, ergonomically designed handle that lets anyone who uses it carve like a pro.

The high-powered motor allows you to easily slice through meats like turkey and roasts without needing to exert too much effort. After serving and enjoying the meal with your guests, another hurdle needs to be jumped: clean up. At the end of entertaining, cleaning up is usually another chore most people find difficult to deal with.

Adding an extra tool to clean like an electric knife adds another hassle, but not with this particular knife set. The blades are dishwasher safe, meaning you can stick them inside the dishwasher and move on to the next chore in a blink of an eye.

Most people have forgotten all about the convenience an electric knife brings into the kitchen, but with one use of the Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve N’ Set they start to question how they’ve survived without it.

The best part, once you’re doing using and cleaning the electric knife set, simply towel dry all the parts, place them inside the case it comes with and store them safely until the next time you’ll need it. Yes, it’s that easy and convenient to use.


Although the Hamilton Beach 74275 has its loyal users who simply cannot live without the electric knife by their side, there are also some who raise some issues they have encountered while using this knife set. For some, the 7 and ½ inch blade is not long enough to cut through a very large turkey.

The key to overcoming this issue is to master your technique when it comes to slicing. You cannot expect to cut through a whole bird with just one slice; you will need to go through it in layers.

Another issue raised by users is the weight of the handle. It can be difficult to use the knife with the blades if you’re not accustomed to the weight of the electric knife that amounts to 2.9, which can cause a strain on your hands if you use it continuously.

The trick here is to take breaks in between cutting and slicing. When your hand feels tired, set down the knife for a minute or two before resuming your carving.

Also, be careful when cutting through bones and joints of meat as the blades might not be able to withstand the hard bones and eventually bend under pressure. Just focus on cutting through meat and avoid the harder parts and your knife will continue to work perfectly.


Carving meats and slicing bread using a traditional knife is achievable and not that hard of a task, but with the help of the Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve N’ Set, you can serve up meats and bread that look like they came from a restaurant.

Any household that is fond of hosting dinner parties and holiday meals will certainly enjoy having this electric knife set within arm’s reach.

Once you’ve started using an electric knife to carve and slice, there’s no going back to the traditional knife. The Hamilton Beach 74275 will prove that notion correct.

Hotkey Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife

Hotkey Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife Review

Hotkey Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife

A restaurant, whether big or small needs to have the right tools and equipment for it to function properly. Keeping a kitchen fully equipped and running smoothly translates to faster food production, without having to sacrifice the quality of food.

Having both of these qualities in a restaurant can earn you fame and a line of loyal diners waiting to eat at your place. This is why for a specialty restaurant that serves authentic and exotic meat dishes like doner, kebabs, shawarma, and gyro owning an electric knife is imperative in being successful.

If you have not yet settled on an electric knife for your small business, read this review of the Hotkey Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife to better understand what value it can add to your kitchen.


  • Ergonomically designed and easy to use handheld electric knife
  • Powerful and quiet motor
  • Compatible with all rotators
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Dishwasher safe and removable blades
  • Comes with whetstone for convenient blade sharpening
  • Made with stainless steel
  • CE Certified
  • Comes with a practical blade protector
  • Specs:

Blade thickness: 1.4mm

Weight: 1.61kg

Knife Diameter: 10cm

Cutting Thickness: Adjustable from 0-8mm

Power: 80W

Voltage: 110V

Charging time: 90 minutes


There are so many advantages to having your own powerful and quiet electric shawarma, doner, kebab, and gyro knife. For a restaurant, this means having access to freshly cut meats as soon as they need it. This means that meats will always be fresh and customers will certainly be able to tell.

Although it can be a daunting to operate a machine with blades, especially if you have had no prior experience, the Hotkey Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife is very easy to use and was designed to be simple. It comes with an ergonomically designed handle which fits perfectly and comfortably on a user’s hand.

The blades that come with this electric knife set are very sharp and are able to cut through meats like lamb and chicken easily. The whetstone that comes with the set also ensures that you can maintain the blade’s sharpness for a lifetime, making cutting and slicing meat convenient and maybe even enjoyable.

This handheld electric knife can be used continuously for up to 115 minutes at a time before the battery needs to be charged again. That is more than enough time to cut as many pieces you need to serve a handful of customers their orders.

The cutting thickness of the knife can also be adjusted to fit your specific needs so that you will have the freedom to choose thinly or thickly sliced meats, depending on your recipe, of course. The machine is also CE certified, which guarantees that you are using a quality product.

The Hotkey Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife gives an edge to kitchens that use this device because you will always have perfectly cut fresh meat that is ready to use at a moment’s notice. Plus, it is compact enough that it will not occupy too much storage space, making it even more convenient.


The most common problem with electric handheld knives is the charging and limitation with use. Electric knives like the one from this set need about 90 minutes for the battery to fully charge and can operate for just a maximum of 115 minutes.

This is an issue for restaurants who cut their meat in bulk. For you to avoid this problem, it is highly suggested that you invest in a second battery pack. With a spare battery, you can charge one while using the other and switch them out when needed, a simple, yet very effective solution.

Another disadvantage of the Hotkey Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife is its tendency to overheat. As a safety precaution, once the device overheats it stops working, which results in you also stopping in the middle of slicing.

This is a common issue for many batteries and electric powered devices. The only way to avoid this complication is to give your electric knife a break in between slicing and cutting. Letting the motor rest and giving it time to cool down will help in preserving the device, and it also gives you a nice break in between work.


The Hotkey Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife is a good investment for small restaurants. It comes at a very affordable price and does the work of bigger machines without occupying too much space or creating too much noise in the kitchen.

It is a small price to pay to have professionally sliced meats that are perfect for shawarmas, doners, gyros, and kebabs fresh and ready to grill at a moment’s notice.

If you are a specialty restaurant owner that wants an effective and fast-moving kitchen without having to sacrifice the flavor and quality of your food this is an electric knife worth looking into. Your kitchen will finally be complete with the addition of the Hotkey Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife as one of your basic kitchen tools.

Cuisinart’s High-Powered Electric Kitchen Knife Bundle

Cuisinart’s High-Powered Electric Kitchen Knife Bundle Review

Cuisinart’s High-Powered Electric Kitchen Knife Bundle

Holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving are a time where families gather to share a flavorful meal together. When serving a sizable meal to a handful of people can be a daunting task. With all the preparations needed to be done, it won’t be uncommon for the host to feel exhausted long before the meal is served.

This means that carving the main dish becomes a difficult task to overcome, but when you have the right kitchen gadget in your hands, carving and slicing can become a breeze.

For this review, we will be discussing Cuisinart’s High-Powered Electric Kitchen Knife Bundle, all of its accessories, and of course, its attributes that make it a must have electric kitchen knife not just for the holidays, but all year round.


  • Comes with two 7.75” x 1” stainless steel blades (bread blade and carving blade)
  • High-powered motor
  • One touch and pressure-activated on and off mechanism
  • Cuts through soft bread and even hard bones
  • Professional and restaurant quality
  • Ergonomic handle fits both right and left-handed people
  • Comes with solid wood and stylish knife block for easy storing
  • Safety lock feature to prevent accidents and mishaps
  • Safe to handle and easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe blades


Carving and slicing at a professional level has been made easier and more accessible with Cuisinart’s High-Powered Electric Knife Bundle.

This knife set comes with two different stainless steel blades that allow you to slice soft bread without squishing it to bits and another knife specifically made to help you cut means effortlessly because switching the blades is very easy to do. These two 7.75” x 1” blades are not just removable from their handle, they’re also dishwasher safe, making cleanup less of a hassle.

This high-powered electric knife bundle also comes with its own stylishly designed wooden block storage tray that fits any countertop.

You can store the knives standing up or lying down, whichever position fits your needs. The storage tray comes with its own locking mechanism to make sure the knives stay safely in place when they’re not used, a plus for people who have kids at home. But don’t forget that even if it the knife set and its wooden storage tray do come with a lock to keep it away from children and pets at all time to avoid injuries and accidents.

The ergonomically designed knife handle is comfortable on the hands of both right and left-handed people, which not many electronic knives can do. Users of Cuisinart’s High-Powered Electric Kitchen Knife Bundle have been greatly surprised by how much they love using the electric knife.

Once this knife has been used to serve up the main course for a holiday meal, there’s no going back to a regular non-motorized carving knife.  Serving up professional and beautifully sliced pieces of bread and meat is made possible at your hands with this easy to use an electric knife.


Even the best of products will have some issues and Cuisinart’s High-Powered Electric Kitchen Knife Bundle is no different. Although many users of the knife have been greatly pleased by its performance there are some who have mentioned that the blades are too thin and flexible.

This can sometimes cause food debris to get stuck between the blades and slow down the cutting and slicing process. To avoid this from happening to you, simply dislodge the food trapped in between the blades before continuing to slice, this makes it easier to slice, and also helps in preserving the life of your electric knife.

Some users of the knife have noted that the electric knife’s motor tends to overheat when it is used too much. This results in users have to stop and wait until the motor has cooled down before they can start carving again. Not an ideal situation when you are serving people their main course.

The only way to avoid this overheating problem is to not overwork the knife. Take short breaks in between carving and slicing to give the motor a rest and to reduce the chances of it overheating.


Cuisinart’s High-Powered Electric Kitchen Knife Bundle has made many homes feel like a restaurant during the holidays. Hosts have been happily and easily carving up their turkeys and roasts using this electric knife and serving up restaurant quality meats and bread for their guests.

It’s a very affordable knife bundle that every kitchen will find useful, even when the holiday season has come and gone. If you yourself won’t find this electric knife bundle handy, it will make a perfect gift for friends and family who love to host dinner parties and entertain guests.

It does not matter if you’re right or left-handed, experienced or a newbie in electric knife handling, Cuisinart’s High-Powered Electric Kitchen Knife Bundle will fit in your hand with ease and comfort. Once you start using this motorized knife, you’ll agree it’s worth every cent you paid.

Coolbiz Professional Wireless Electric Knife

Coolbiz Professional Wireless Electric Knife Review

Coolbiz Professional Wireless Electric Knife

Having the right kitchen tools can make a big difference when you’re running a restaurant. These tools can help run in a kitchen running smoothly, which translates to happy and satisfied diners. Something all restaurants strive hard to achieve.

Spending money on expensive machines and devices for a small restaurant, specifically ones that are just starting out seems risky, but it is a crucial investment that should at the very least be considered by the restaurant owner.

If you are a restaurant owner who is yet to decide, continue reading as we will discuss the Coolbiz Professional Wireless Electric Knife and what value it can add to your kitchen and business.


  • Powerful and quite device
  • Round blade perfect for kebab slicing
  • Ergonomically designed handle for easy slicing
  • Compatible with all rotators
  • Portable and convenient
  • Easy to use and clean device
  • Comes with whetstone blade sharpener
  • Knife size: 100mm diameter, Cutting thickness: 0-8mm
  • Charging time: 90 minutes, Working time: Up to 115 minutes of continuous work
  • Dishwasher safe removable blade
  • Comes with different accessories: extra serrated blade, battery, charger, screwdriver, locking pin
  • CE certified


When it comes to professional electric knives the Coolbiz Professional Wireless Electric Knife gives value for money because it is a powerful and quiet machine. It is a wireless, handheld knife that can cut through meats that are perfect for shawarma, kebabs, and gyros.

By using this electric kitchen knife, cutting meats with ease and precision to be used in a restaurant has been made easier. The device comes with two different blades: a round blade and an extra serrated blade to give you an extra option of what type of cut to perform.

These blades require minimal effort during cleanup and maintenance since they are removable. The blades are dishwasher safe, which means after each use you can wash them and keep them clean to ensure your next cuts won’t be contaminated.

This electric knife set also comes with a whetstone to keep the blades sharp and in great shape. A simple 90-minute charge of the electric knife and you can use it continuously for up to 115 minutes to create the perfect meat cuts you desire.

The knife set comes with 2 batteries so that you can charge one battery while you are using the other. This means you can do more work without worry about the battery charging.

The ergonomically designed handle allows the user to control the Coolbiz Professional Wireless Electric Knife efficiently and comfortably. You can also adjust the thickness of the cuts ranging from 0mm to 8mm, to fit your specific needs.

The machine also comes with a CE certification, which means you are guaranteed a quality product that is safe for use both professionally and at home.

For those who have not yet experienced using a handheld electric knife or a similar device, this electric knife set also comes with an English Manual to serve as your guide for working and handling the knife safely.You can begin cutting and slicing shawarma, gyro, and kebab cuts freely and confidently as soon as you familiarize yourself with the instruction manual.


When it comes to working with electric knives, you should always expect a downside. No electric knife is perfect and the CoolBiz Professional Wireless Electric Knife also comes with flaws.

Since it is a wireless knife, you will need to charge a battery before you can begin to use this specific type of knife and charging takes 90 minutes, which for some users can be a waste of time.

Another disadvantage of a wireless electric knife is its limitation when used. This knife can only be used for up to 115 minutes of continuous cutting and slicing before the battery dies. This can pose as a hindrance for those who cut meat by the bulk.

The good thing about the CoolBiz Professional Wireless Electric Knife is that it comes with 2 batteries, which means you can use one while the other charges and change the batteries when you need to.

Although, it is important to remember that electric knives have a tendency to overheat when they are overworked and this brand is no different. Take caution and do not overuse the knife or you might cause harm to yourself and damage the knife beyond repair.


The CoolBiz Professional Wireless Electric Knife comes with some many accessories that it makes cutting and slicing easy, even for those who have never used an electric knife before. Since it is wireless, you are not stuck in a socket and can move freely while using the knife.

All in all, the Coolbiz Professional Wireless Electric Knife set makes a wonderful addition to a professional kitchen because of its many benefits. It might take a while to charge the batteries, but once they’re in full power you can use this powerful and quite machine to serve up some great shawarma, gyros, and kebabs to happy customers.