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Hamilton Beach 74250 Set Review

Whether you are a professional chef or a simple home cook, a knife is one of the first things you need in your kitchen. Be it for slicing tomatoes, coriander or the hard-to-get-through meat, a sharp, reliable knife makes food preparation stress-free and fast.

The question is what if you are not one of those individuals who has been blessed with superb cutting skills to the point that no matter how many knives, cutters or chopping blades you’ve tried, things just really don’t turn out the way you want?

Thankfully, technology comes to the rescue! We now have some amazing electric knives, with super strong blades that make your job so much easier and faster. With less or no effort required on your part, these knives are designed to slice up the toughest of meats in no time.

Need to fix dinner for six in a day? No problem! Older relatives drop by unannounced? No trouble at all! With one of these blades in your hand, you no longer have to spend hours chopping or carving turkeys or chicken down to perfection.

However, with a large number of manufacturers and a whole wide range of electric knives, choosing one might be a daunting task. Hence, we will look into one of the best electric knives available today.

Hamilton Beach 74250 Carve ‘n Set

The Hamilton Beach 74250 Carve comes with a stainless steel blade that is designed to easily and adequately carve through beef, chicken, turkey, artisan bread, and a lot more. The package also includes a stainless steel carving fork and a storage case.


  • Color: White
  • Slip-resistant trigger
  • Oscillating twin, serrated blade
  • Ergonomically designed handle with cord
  • Compliance with North American Electrical Standards
  • Total Blade Length: 11 inches (7.5 inches when inserted in the handle)

Notable Highlights:

  • Sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Space-saving
  • Safe and reliable
  • Easy to clean, use, and handle
  • Gives a smooth and neat cut
  • Does not require sharpening
  • Designed to maximize efficiency
  • Best for turkey and ham cutting and carving

Minor Drawbacks:

  • Tends to overheat
  • Blade is a bit too thin to evenly cut tough meat
  • Not very suitable for small and medium sized hands

A Detailed Look at What the Product Has to Offer

If you are on the lookout for an affordable electric knife that will cut through a lot of food items efficiently without compromising your safety, the Hamilton Beach 74250 might just be the one you need. The knife has been made to comply with the North American Electrical Standards, which assures its reliability and safety.

  • Blade

The knife’s blade is made of stainless steel and is sharp, crisp, and serrated so you can easily cut delicate food. However, although it can cut meat, its thickness is not enough for it to be used on tough meat parts. The best part though is that you don’t have to go through the sharpening hassle as the blade would stay sharp for a long time.

Of course, that is made possible if you will maintain it well, which is also not much of a hassle. Just wipe it or wash it with warm water and allow to dry, and you’re done. Additionally, the blade is removable for easier cleaning and to ensure your safety since the handle is electrically powered.

  • Handle

Speaking of the handle, it has an ergonomic design and is equipped with a trigger that is not slippery so that the knife easily fits in your hand and you have a solid grip. As such, you’ll also have complete control. You must take note though that it may overheat if used for long hours. So, make sure that you allow it to cool down for a while if you are cutting multiple items.

  • Other Inclusions

Also included in this kitchen set is a stainless carving fork that will come handy if you need to slice big food items, as well as those that are hot. This set also comes with a storage case that keeps your kitchen clutter-free. Simply place the clean items in the case, and you won’t have to fuss around your drawers looking for the fork, blade, and handle.


The EK 700 Slice Right Electric Knife by Black & Decker is a product that can be compared with the Hamilton Beach 74250 because of some similar features. This model also comes with an ergonomic handle, a serrated double blade, and removable parts.

However, with this model, you can choose from two different colors, black or white, which is helpful if you are concerned about the general theme of your kitchen utensils. Likewise, it comes with a safety button.

Unfortunately, its advantage over the Hamilton stops there. First, this product does not come with a storage case and carving fork. Plus, the blade is not designed well since food can get in between the spaces, and the cut may not be as sharp and clean as it should.

The Hamilton Beach 74250 ensures you get a clean, pro cut every time, no matter what you are using it on. Also, the operation of the Black & Decker knife is not as simple as you’d want, especially if you want the knife for home use only. On the other hand, the Hamilton Beach 74250 is made rather simple and easy to use.

Sure, it doesn’t have the safety button, but that does not beat its fast and accurate performance. Additionally, it has met the safety standards of NAES.


Hosting a dinner party, preparing a Thanksgiving meal, or doing your daily cooking doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With the Hamilton Beach 74250 Set, you’ll get an electric knife that can save you time and effort.

Its double-action blade, the excellent precision, and comfortable grip make it one of the perfect choices for home cooks and small kitchen chefs. With the carving fork, you’ll no longer have to buy another piece to assist you in your food preparation.

For a more organized kitchen and more convenient food preparation, the Hamilton Beach 74250 Set is a must-have. It gives you great value for your money, and with this set, you may want to put away all the other knives, blades and cutters once this is in your kitchen!

Woman using corded electric knife

Best Electric Fillet Knife: Three Must-Haves

How often have we struggled, wrestled and even shed tears trying to carve out or cut fish, ham, chicken, beef and the likes? The usual culprit being the knife. What if we tell you that the perfect solution to this is the best electric fillet knife?

The idea of making things simpler, quicker and cleaner when it comes to cutting and carving meat is a blessing for many. This is why electric knives have quickly gained popularity in the recent years. However, such demand also made it quite challenging to find the right model and brand.

Fortunately, that’s just what we are here for! We bring to you three electric fillet knives that we consider the best. Once you bring one of these home, your food prep time will automatically reduce to about half. Not to mention the fact that they can keep things clean and cut effortlessly, making the fish look professionally cut.

Best Electric Fillet Knife: The Top Three Options

Definitely, searching an electric knife won’t be difficult because retail and online marketplaces are flooded with unique blades and brands, but selecting the one that really works? That’s the hard part.

Below, we have discussed the different features, pros, and cons of the three electric knives so that you can find the right one that matches your needs.

1. American Angler PRO Professional-Grade Electric Fillet Knife Standard Kit

If you have been searching for an easy-to-use electric fillet knife, the American Angler PRO Professional-Grade Knife is one of the best ones you’ll find today. The high-performance knife cuts through fillet so easily; it’s like slicing soft butter.

The handle has been designed ergonomically, which gives it an excellent grip and keeps the hand from getting tired while cutting. It also has a modern-type airflow design to ensure that the handle won’t heat up when the product is used. As for its blade, it is made of stainless steel and has a curved and serrated design.

The best thing though is its motor because it has about two times more torque power than many other brands. That allows you to easily slice through the hard parts, including bones. That also makes it a lasting, dependable and professional fillet knife.

Another thing we liked is that the product is compatible with the other blades manufactured by the same brand. As such, you can always replace or interchange blades so that you can cut different types of ingredients.


  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Multipurpose
  • Durable blades
  • Easy to handle, clean, and use
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Supported by a two-year limited warranty


  • For home use only
  • Trigger tends to stick
  • May heat up if used for extended hours
  • Performance may slow down after 10 to 15 fillets

2. Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

Next on our list is the Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife. This one comes with a long cord, four feet to be exact, that gives you a sufficient margin to work around freely in your kitchen. It has a 130 watts motor, which is strong enough to tackle all kinds of tough meat including bones without any hassles.

This product is equipped with a single-touch trigger for on and off operations, as well as serves as a safety lock for maximum protection. For the safety of its users, the manufacturer made sure that this is made according to the standards set forth by the North American Electrical Standards Association. In addition, the blades are also made out of BPA-free, stainless steel material.

The two blades that you would get have different functions: one is for carving, and the other one is dedicated to cutting. This product also comes with a storage tray that is made of wood where you can place all the parts securely and neatly. Amazingly, the storage tray also has a blade lock to keep the blades in place and a designated area for the cord.


  • Powerful
  • Non-toxic
  • Multipurpose
  • Durable blades
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Space-saving and stylish storage
  • Easy to clean, store and handle
  • Comes with a limited three-year warranty
  • Designed to work well with right and left-handed people


  • Quite heavy
  • Not very suitable for smaller hands
  • May heat up if used for extended hours

3. Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

The Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife is another all-rounder when it comes to slicing bread, vegetables, and meat. The knife is made for the maximum user comfort since the grip is superb.

There’s an eight-foot-long cord so that you can move around your kitchen as freely as you desire. This also makes it a great product for commercial and professional use.

One thing you’ll love about it is its blade because it is super sharp and strong. It also has adjustable speed settings, so you can easily cut through the toughest of snappers and other varieties of fish in no time. As per the manufacturer, the motor is three times more powerful than the other standard knives!


  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Multipurpose
  • Replaceable blades
  • Dishwasher safe blades
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty


  • May heat up if used for extended hours
  • Does not come with a carrying or storage case
  • May cause heavy vibrations when cutting through the hard ingredients


Above, we went through the top three electric knives, and we found that the Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife is the best electric fillet knife for both home and commercial kitchens. The knife takes on the entire load and easily cuts through. It can work with extraordinary consistency and cuts through the bone and other hard-to-get-through areas with remarkable expertise.

With this knife, you also need not worry about harmful chemicals leaking through the ingredients as the product is constructed with food-grade materials. Another great thing about the Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife is that it comes as a complete set, so you no longer have to buy an extra blade as well as look for a proper storage drawer or case for it.

In a nutshell, the Cuisinart CEK-40 is our definite recommendation when it comes to food safety, kitchen organization, and great value for money.

man cutting leeks with knife

Waring Commercial WEK200 Rechargeable/Cordless Electric Knife Review

Waring Commercial WEK200 Rechargeable Cordless Electric Knife Review

Electric knives have fast become a must have tool for most modern day kitchens due to their great utility. These knives are very helpful and they enable you to easily and quickly prepare your meals.

If you are looking for an efficient and hassle-free electric knife, then look no further than the Waring Commercial WEK200 Rechargeable/Cordless Electric Knife. Learn more about what this electric knife offers here below.


  • Fast charging ability
  • Long lasting internal battery
  • In built LED lights to improve visibility when cutting
  • Well-built storage case made of heavy duty materials
  • 10 inch blade
  • Dimensions: 13.1 x 2.9 x 10.2 inches
  • Weight: 3.8 pounds


  • The cordless feature makes it easy to use the knife around the kitchen
  • Versatile electric knife since carving and bread blades are also included
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle significantly reduces risk of fatigue even from extended usage
  • The in-built LED lights really improve visibility when cutting in areas with low light
  • The 10 inch blade makes easy work fowl, large roasts and most other cutting needs
  • Locking trigger ensures safety storage when not in use


  • It is not the most stylish electric knife
  • The price is also a bit high


The Waring Commercial WEK200 Rechargeable/Cordless Electric Knife is a comprehensive cutting system that offers lasting battery time, adjustable slicing and lots of helpful safety features. All these impressive features are packed in a unique design. Unlike other models, this particular electric knife also includes a handy storage case that makes it easy to carry and store.

This cordless electric slicer has nearly everything that you would ever need in a well performing electric knife. A major concern for many people when buying any cordless product is battery life. Luckily, the lithium battery used in the Waring Commercial WEK200 does not disappoint. You can quickly charge up the unit due to its fast charging feature and it will not lose the charge even when it is stored.

Also included in the package are two serrated blades and this makes the Waring Commercial WEK200 quite flexible. Both blades have been made of high quality stainless steel.

This means that they can resist rusting and corrosion even when washed frequently in your dishwasher. The meat or carving blade can easily handle large meat cuts with precision and minimal effort. The other bread slicing blade offers smooth slices with minimal bread crumbling.

One unique feature of this Waring Commercial WEK200 Rechargeable/Cordless Electric Knife is that it has built in LED lights. This is a great added feature that will be especially beneficial when you want to carve meat in poorly lit areas.

For example, if you have planned a candlelit dinner, you can still cut your meat precisely without turning on your overhead slices. The adjustable slicing feature of this electric knife also adds to its overall ease of use.

Another notable feature of this electric knife is how easy it is to use around the kitchen. This is largely because of its unique design and a comfy ergonomic handle that fits perfectly in your hand. You can easily use it for a long time without getting exhausted.

In terms of safety features, this knife’s power switch is built into the handle, which ensures that it will never be turned on accidentally. Actually, you need to hold the switch firmly in order to power on the device. This should prevent kids from accidentally turning on the knife and injuring themselves.


If you find the price of this electric knife to be a bit high, then you can consider the slightly cheaper option, Cuisinart CEK-120 Cordless Electric Knife.

In addition to paying a lower price, you are still getting a powerful electric knife that comes complete with two blades and a storage case. However, it does produce less power than the Waring Commercial WEK200 and that will reduce its overall versatility.

For much lower than both the Cuisinart CEK-120 and Waring Commercial WEK200, you can get the Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife.

This particular knife sacrifices the storage case and instead you get an upright butcher block holding tray. Additionally, despite its smaller size, the fact that it is a corded electric knife means more consistent power output for precise cuts.


All things considered, the Waring Commercial WEK200 Rechargeable/Cordless Electric Knife is a well-made electric knife with lots of great features for slicing and carving.

The cordless electric knife is lightweight, easy to control and best of all, recharges very quickly. It is a great buy for both beginners who want to try out electric knives and expert chefs.

Slicing onions using small knife

Hotkey 110v/60Hz Professional Electric Kebab Slicer Review

Hotkey 110v/60Hz Professional Electric Kebab Slicer Review

Hotkey is well known for producing quality slicers and cutters such as the Chef’s Choice 625 premium electric food slicer or the Elite Gourmet EMT-503B Maxi-Matic 130 Watt Diecast-Aluminium electric food slicer. In addition to these top quality slicers, Hotkey has produced the Hotkey 110v/60Hz electric kebab slicer.

For most people, cutting a fruit or some food is done using a knife. However, for those obsessed with getting the perfect slice or businesses, this slicer is a must-have.

Its design is impressive and it cuts through even the toughest meat or bone. In fact, so sharp is the blade that it comes with a protective thick cover which only exposes the cutting end.

Moreover, Hotkey has included some additional tools and accessories to improve the cutting experience. One such accessory is the whetstone that comes with this slicer. This means that sharpening the 1.4mm blade is easy and hassle-free. The manufacturer has also included an additional slicing knife.

Other impressive features you’ll find on the Hotkey 110V-60Hz professional electric kebab slicer include;


  • Stainless steel 1.4mm blade
  • 1 Whetstone
  • 1 extra round knife
  • Thickness adjusting screw
  • Locking screws, knife protector
  • Power cord with protective sleeve
  • Power output: 80W
  • Item weight: 3.6 pounds
  • English User Manual


  • 420 Stainless steel
  • Portable and versatile
  • 90-minute charge time
  • Removable blades for easy cleaning
  • Additional round knife
  • Safe for use complete with a knife protector
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Sturdy build
  • Quiet
  • Added convenience thanks to the included whetstone for sharpening
  • CE certified


  • A bit heavy


For the most part, this slicer performed impressively with the only downside to it being the fact that it weighs up to 3.6 lbs. Aside from being heavy, everything else about this slicer was positive.

In terms of build and design, you can tell a lot went into ensuring that the device is safe to use and also performs remarkably.

The slicer comes with an ergonomic handle which fits snuggly to your hands and improves the cutting experience. On the other end, there is a protective safety layer which covers the rotating knife, only exposing it at the bottom.

In addition, locking screws ensure that the blade is in place throughout a continuous 115 minutes of usage when fully charged. Moreover, the blade is removable for easy cleaning. Also, this means that you can use the additional round knife which comes with the slicer.

This slicer generates a lot of power and still remains quiet – a rather impressive feat. There is also a screw on the upper side of the slicer which you can use to adjust the cutting thickness.

Sharpening the slicer is effortless thanks to the whetstone included. The power cable connected to the slicer is covered by a protective sleeve which increases overall safety.


For this review, we compared the product the Hotkey professional kebab cutter to the Tangkula 12” blade commercial meat slicer. In terms of cost, these two products fall within the same price range. However, there were some other differences with these two products.

One significant difference was the item weight. The Hotkey professional kebab cutter was relative light, weighing in at 3.6 lbs. while the Tangkula 12” blade weighed 48 lbs.

As a result, the former slicer is more portable and convenient as opposed to its heavier, less portable counterpart. This is why the Tangkula 12” slicer is best suited for commercial/business use where there is lots of cutting. At home however, the Hotkey professional slicer will do the trick.

Both slicers have the same voltage output however, the Tangkula 12” slicer produces more power at 150W. In terms of blade diameter and thickness, the Tangkula slicer blade is 300mm/12” and 0-0.59” respectively. Blades on the Hotkey kebab slicer are 100mm and 1.4mm respectively.

Overall, both these slicers are high quality and will cut through even the toughest meat. In addition, they can also cut through vegetables and cheese as well.

Both appliances are easy to clean and have safety features installed to ensure the only thing you cut is the meat. We were impressed with how both professional slicers performed.


In summary, the Hotkey 110V/60Hz professional electric kebab slicer performed like a charm. It’s portable, convenient and fast, especially for mass food cutting like in a business.

Hotkey did not compromise on safety when using this slicer and that’s a good thing. We highly recommend this slicer for all your household or enterprise needs.

Chef slicing mushroom on cutting board

Cuisinart 7117-16EPS Roaster Review

Cuisinart 7117-16EPS Roaster Review

Cuisinart is well known in the kitchen and dining industry as a top manufacturer of rotisseries and roasters. One such product by this Chinese manufacturer is the Cuisinart 7117-16EPS roaster which is a great roaster package for all your Thanksgiving needs.

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that despite it being a quality roaster, this item is quite affordable, given its size which is 16 inches. In addition, it comes with additional tools such as an electric knife, turkey lifters and a meat thermometer not forgetting the turkey blaster.

As an added feature for convenience purposes, the Cuisinart 7117 roaster is built in a way that the U-shaped rack is removable. This means that it’s now even easier to clean using the dishwasher. The rack also means that your turkey will cook perfectly with even heat and oil distribution.

Below is a summary of all these features as well as other benefits you get to enjoy when you buy the Cuisinart 7117-16EPS roaster.


  • 16” roaster (21” with handles, 13” wide, 3.5” depth )
  • 1 Electric knife
  • 2 turkey lifters
  • 1 turkey baster
  • Meat thermometer
  • Removable stainless U-rack
  • Country of manufacture: China


  • Affordable
  • Stainless steel
  • Safe to clean using dishwasher
  • Removable stainless u-rack ensure even distribution of heat and oils during cooking
  • Electric knife cuts through the roast effortlessly
  • Turkey lifters are built strong and sturdy
  • Easy and safe to use


  • Single ply stainless coating
  • 500 degree limit
  • Feels lightweight for a pan this size


As mentioned earlier, this roaster is great value for money. All additional tools add to the convenience of cooking turkey using this roaster. If we go a bit into details of how each tool works, you’ll be amazed at how effortless it is preparing for Thanksgiving or the Christmas holidays.

For example, this 16 inch roaster can handle large turkeys of up to 20.2 pounds. Setting such a huge turkey on a tray can be a hassle but not with the Cuisinart 7117-16EPS roaster. It comes with two turkey lifters which make the whole process hassle free.

This roaster also comes with a turkey baster which makes the marinating process a whole lot easier. Splitting the roaster is now effortless and less messy thanks to the electric knife which comes with the roaster.

An additional impressive feature about this roaster is the removable U-rack. The rack is designed in a way that it keeps the roast/turkey stable during the cooking process. Moreover, it also guarantees even distribution of heats and oils making for a perfectly cooked turkey.

Lastly, the meat thermometer was also an interesting addition. This ensures that your turkey is just the right temperature when it’s coming out of the oven – not undercooked or overcooked.


We compared the Cuisinart 7117-16EPS roaster to the Oster CKSTRS20 stainless steel roaster mainly because these two products are within the same price range. There were some similarities and differences in terms of performance, load capacity as well as build and design.

One major difference is in how these two roasters work. While the Cuisinart 7117-16EPS roaster cooks with another oven, its counterpart comes with its own oven. This means that it’s the perfect roaster for those of us without ovens. In addition, the Oster roaster is portable which means you can bring it along with you while on a visit to friends and family.

In terms of load capacity and size, the Cuisinart roaster is 16 inch in length while the Oster roaster is a bit larger with a 20-quart capacity. In other words, the Cuisinart can accommodate 20 lbs. turkeys while the larger Oster roaster is able to cook an impressive 24 lbs. roast/turkey.

Both roaster designs take into consideration the removable roasting pan. This means that with these roasters cleaning is less of a hassle. In addition, it makes it easier to transfer food from the roast to the tray/serving plates.

Overall, the Oster CKSTRS20-SBC stainless steel roaster is slightly better than the Cuisinart 7117-16EPS roaster. Nevertheless, both these roasters are perfect for large feasts or when you are having your friends and relative over for dinner.


Overall, the Cuisinart 7117-16EPS roaster is an excellent product worth a buy. It comes with all the mentioned tools which make cooking for the family hassle free. It’s an affordable roaster and a great addition to your kitchen arsenal. Despite having some faults, this roaster cooks great and is the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Woman with knife slicing red bell pepper using cutting board

Hotkey 110V 60Hz Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife Review

Hotkey 110V 60Hz Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife Review

When preparing kebab or shawarma, you need a special knife to easily slice the meat. A specially designed gyro or shawarma knife makes achieving uniform cuts a lot easier. One of the best electric gyro knives that you can get today is the Hotkey 110v 60Hz Powerful Electric Knife. It is not only suitable for home settings, but is preferred in many commercial establishments.


  • Powerful electric knife but still quiet during operation
  • Fully adjustable cutting thickness from 0 to 8mm
  • 10cm blade is removable for easy maintenance
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design for easy use
  • Whet stone blade sharpener
  • Comes with several accessories
  • Convenient and portable
  • Easy to disassemble blade with the locking pin


  • Cuts shawarma quickly allowing you to serve clients faster
  • Makes uniform cuts to enable your meat go further while also improving presentation
  • It is easy to use compared to cutting with circular saws or a normal large knife
  • Wide 10mm blade is adequate for most stack and pit setups
  • Blade is easy to remove and wash
  • The included whetstone helps maintain blade sharpness over its lifetime
  • Highly portable and fits well with any shawarma, gyro or kebab machine


  • It may feel a bit heavy to some, but keep in mind that this unit is designed as a professional machine
  • The logo is quite big compared to the size of the device


The Hotkey 110V 60Hz Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife offers a simple way to prepare and serve shawarma and kebab among others. The knife features a sharp and strong blade that is made of high quality stainless steel. As a result, you can rely on this electric knife to easily handle the heavy usage but still last for a long time.

The removable blade is thick enough to cut through even the thickest meat cuts. You can effortlessly cut chicken, cartilage meat, lamb or a mixture of meats with this electric knife. The cuts can also be adjusted up to 8mm depending on your needs. Even though it is a very powerful electric knife, it operates very quietly and this adds to its general usefulness.

When buying a shawarma or kebab electric knife, safety is a very important consideration. This Hotkey 110V 60Hz Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife features a blade protector that ensures your hands are always safe when using it. In addition, the ergonomic handle enables the electric knife to snuggly fit in the hands, further ensuring proper use and improving safety.

Besides the round kebab slicer, this Hotkey also comes with an extra serrated blade. Both blades are super sharp and are very easy to handle and maintain. You also get a whetstone to keep the blades as sharp as possible. The included locking pin allows you to switch between the two blades and also perform maintenance services like cleaning.

It comes with two batteries and a charger that allow you to work continuously without stoppages for more than 100 minutes. While it is a matter of preference, some say that the big logo gives it a nice professional look.


A close competitor of this Hotkey electric knife is the KeyTop 110V-120V/60Hz Professional and Commercial Electric Shawarma Knife, Gyro Knife, Doner Kebab Slicer. With this particular knife, you can cut up to 60 kg per day and it can fit all kebab, shawarma and gyro machines.

Even though it is quite cheap, expect to hear a lot of noise during operation. As a result, it is not the best option for a restaurant setting as it may even scare your customers once you start using it.

Yescom 80W 110V Commercial Electric Stainless Steel Doner Kebab Knife 3″ Blade Kabob Sliver is another cheap option to keep in mind. It is effective at cutting different types of meat and kebab. With a cutting capacity of up to 60 kg per day, it is also quite powerful. However, unlike the Hotkey electric knife you only get one blade.


Overall, this Hotkey 110V 60Hz Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife is a handy knife to have, whether at home or in your commercial establishment. It is portable, easy to control, fast and powerful. The meat cuts are precise and uniform, which is great for gyros, kebabs or whichever dishes you are preparing.

It is also nice to have two blades that are interchangeable, as well as the convenient blade protector. With a durable design and high power output, this electric knife is an overall great purchase.

Slicing carrots on red cutting board

Chef’s Choice M112 3-Stage Ultra Hone Sharpener Review


Chefs Choice M112 3-Stage Ultra Hone Sharpener Review

Sharp knives make cutting work much easier, and the same applies for electric knives as they also need regular sharpening. In order to get a sharp edge on your electric knives you need an effective knife sharpening tool like this Chef’s Choice M112 3-Stage Ultra Hone Sharpener. This particular knife sharpener is quickly becoming a very popular choice for both restaurants and households alike. Discover the reasons why here below.


  • Ultra-fast knife sharpening
  • Effective and immediate results
  • 3-stage accurate sharpening
  • Produces sharper blades compared to factory sharpness
  • Designed and made in USA
  • Dimensions: 12 x 6.2 x 6.4 inches
  • Weight: 4.6 pounds


  • Easily sharpens most electric knives
  • Offers unprecedented sharpness
  • Prolongs the lifespan of your electric knife
  • Fully customizable to fit your unique sharpening needs
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Long lasting and durable electric knife sharpener
  • Requires little space on your counter


  • Generates noise when sharpening a knife
  • Slightly costly for performance though it does last longer


The Chef’s Choice M112 3-Stage Ultra Hone Sharpener offers more precise and effective sharpening thanks to its three-stage system. Most sharpeners today offer more than a single sharpening stage.

This is highly beneficial since each stage offers its distinctive sharpness results. For instance, if you only need to quickly touch up your blade before slicing a tomato or onion, then you can just go directly to stage 3 and finely hone your knife’s edge.

The 3-stage sharpening also means that your knives will become much sharper without necessarily removing more metal from your knives. Actually, you can get your knives much sharper than they were at the factory. This is because the knives pass through disks that are coated with 100% diamond for extra sharpening strength.

A common issue with most knife sharpeners is that they take up too much space on the countertop. However, this Chef’s Choice M112 3-Stage Ultra Hone Sharpener delivers great results while taking up minimal space.

The only time you will notice that it is there is when you switch it on as it usually gets noisy during operation. Apart from that, it can stay safely away on one corner without getting in the way of other household equipment.

Chef’s Choice M112 knife sharpener is designed specifically to facilitate effective and precise sharpening of nearly any kind of knife. Whether it is common kitchen and household knives or sporting and pocket knives, you can rely on this knife sharpener to precisely get the job down. It easily handles both straight and serrated blade knives irrespective of the model or make.

Using a blunt knife can make even the easiest tasks a lot more challenging. This knife sharpener produces ultra-sharp knives in a short time, which makes work around the kitchen significantly easier.

It is specifically engineered for great precision and speed during the 3-stage sharpening process. You can quickly restore you sharp edges in less than a minute.

This this Chef’s Choice M112 3-Stage Ultra Hone Sharpener is also very easy to use. It has a highly precise guide system that automatically stabilizes and positions your knife during sharpening. This allows you to get the best results possible, whether you are sharpening or honing your knife.


A similar product that also provides impressive results is the Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife Sharpener. It also features 3 stages of sharpening to deliver very sharp blades, especially for serrated knives. For slightly more money, you can get this Chef’s Choice 130 knife sharpener and see for yourself why it is a much loved tool by both professional chefs and enthusiasts alike.

If you prefer a single stage electric knife sharpener, then the McgowanDiamondstone Electric Knife Sharpener could fit your needs. Its diamond stones are generally quite rough when new and you will need to break them in slowly.

Nevertheless, it produces good results and will keep your knives as sharp as possible. The sharpening process is also much easier as it only takes one step. However, you will not get the same sharpness as provided by the Chef’s Choice M112 3-Stage sharpener.


Chef’s Choice M112 3-Stage Ultra Hone Sharpener is an excellent product and especially important for those who have difficulties with sharpening knives.

Not only is it highly precise and effective, but it can also be fully customized to suite your specific sharpening needs. Its 3-stage sharpening process delivers unmatched sharpness and it helps extend the lifespan of your electric knives. Best of all, it delivers all these great benefits without taking too much space on your countertop.

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KeyTop Professional and Commercial Electric Knife Review

KeyTop Professional and Commercial Electric Knife

For anyone who has had the experience of running a kitchen or even just a food stall knows the importance of having the right tools for the trade.

This is even more crucial for those who run a specialty store who serve a specific type of food that requires precision and professional handling. If you have or are planning to open up a restaurant or food shop that serves meats needed to be cut a certain way, investing in an electric knife should be a top priority.

For this product review, we will be discussing the KeyTop Professional and Commercial Electric Knife that is can be used for Shawarmas, Gyros, and Doner Kebabs.


  • KeyTop Brand
  • Handle is ergonomically designed
  • 110-120V/60Hz voltage requirement
  • 80W Power
  • USA Two Pin Plug type
  • Serrated blade with one extra round blade
  • Comes with Whetstone
  • 100mm diameter; 0-8mm cutting depth
  • Up to 60kg daily cutting capacity
  • Convenient and portable
  • Easy to use and to clean
  • High quality, sold and shipped directly by the manufacturer
  • Kebab, Shawarma, and Gyro machine compatible


The KeyTop Professional and Commercial Electric Knife comes with a super sharp serrated blade and an extra round blade to allow you diversity when cutting meats. The high-quality blades can cut through lamb, chicken, and various other meats usually used for kebabs, shawarmas, and gyros with ease.

Knives, even electric knives will become dull with continued use, which is why this electric knife set doesn’t just come with an extra blade, it also comes with a whetstone so that you can sharpen the blades and keep them sharp for a lifetime.

The knife is also very safe to handle as it comes with a practical blade protector to ensure that you stay safe while using the device. An ergonomically designed handle makes it very easy to use as it fits perfectly into the hand and the user can slice with ease and precision with comfort.

Since knives are used to handle food, which requires them to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly,the KeyTop Professional and Commercial Electric Knife was also designed to make clean up and maintenance easy. It comes with a removable blade which can be locked into place using a simple locking screw when you are done cleaning it.

This device comes at a very affordable price, perfect for small restaurant owners who are just starting out in the industry. It can do the job of the more expensive electric knife sets without the expensive price tag attached.

The manufacturer also does their part in ensuring that those who purchase their products are fully satisfied. They are very receptive to feedback and will happily entertain questions about their electric knife set.

Plus, if you are not happy with the purchase or have second thoughts, the company has a 7-day return policy where items can be returned by the customer as long as they are unused, undamaged, and are still in their original packaging.


When you purchase a product that is offered below market value, you cannot expect it to perform like the more expensive brands. Users have raised the issue that the KeyTop Professional and Commercial Electric Knife cannot keep up with their needs in the kitchen. This may be because the electric knife is used beyond its capacity which can lead to early damages and breakdowns.

If you are using this product for commercial purposes, make sure to give the knife a break and not continue using it beyond its limit to ensure they last longer.

Some customers have also noted that the electric knife is louder than what they are used to. This can be an issue for those who have small restaurants where the sound can get too loud for their customers to handle. If you have a back kitchen, it would be better to store and use the knife at the back, away from the dining area where it can startle your diners.

The blades may also need to be sharpened more often than other brands, especially when the knife is used regularly. Make sure that you keep them sharp to avoid damages to the blade. Since the set comes with its own whetstone, sharpening regularly will not be a problem.


Overall the KeyTop Professional and Commercial Electric Knife does what it’s supposed to do. It cuts shawarma, gyro, and kebabs with ease and its price cannot be beaten. Take note that this device may not be the perfect electric knife set if you are planning to cut meat in bulk regularly.

This is a knife that works great for small scale cutting. Do not over-work the device or it might breakdown after just a few uses. Keep the blade sharp and clean them often to ensure the electric knife lasts longer.

If you have a small restaurant and want to cut meats with precision and ease, the KeyTop Professional and Commercial Electric Knife will make a great addition to your kitchen.

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Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve N’ Set Review

Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve N Set

It was in the 1970’s where electric knives were at their most popular. It seemed like every kitchen at home had an electric knife set for cutting and carving during the 70’s.

Today, however, electric knives are no longer as popular as they were before. This decrease in popularity can be attributed to the rise of several brands that are not as trustworthy and as high-quality as those that first started the electric knife industry.

With this issue, it’s understandable for people to forego the electric knife and stick to the traditional knives instead. At the same time, this shouldn’t limit you from exploring the world of electric knives because they do offer great advantages as compared to non-motorized knives.

For this review we will talk about the Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve N’ Set and how this electric knife set could possibly be the one that changes your opinion about electric knives.


  • Brand is known for its electric knives
  • Carves meats and bread easily
  • Stainless steel blades
  • FREE hard case for easy, compact, and space-saving storing
  • Slices are uniform in thickness
  • Easy to grip handle; ergonomically designed
  • FREE carving fork included


The Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve ‘N Set still remains as one of the most popular brands when it comes to electric knives. This fame and popularity are well-deserved as this brand has proven itself as a useful and reliable kitchen tool time and time again.

It’s strategically positioned two stainless steel blades aid in ensuring each cut of soft bread or thick and juicy meats are uniform in thickness. This creates a beautiful aesthetic when serving food that can rival those at a fine restaurant.

Another aspect of the electric knife that users rave about is it’s easy to grip, ergonomically designed handle that lets anyone who uses it carve like a pro.

The high-powered motor allows you to easily slice through meats like turkey and roasts without needing to exert too much effort. After serving and enjoying the meal with your guests, another hurdle needs to be jumped: clean up. At the end of entertaining, cleaning up is usually another chore most people find difficult to deal with.

Adding an extra tool to clean like an electric knife adds another hassle, but not with this particular knife set. The blades are dishwasher safe, meaning you can stick them inside the dishwasher and move on to the next chore in a blink of an eye.

Most people have forgotten all about the convenience an electric knife brings into the kitchen, but with one use of the Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve N’ Set they start to question how they’ve survived without it.

The best part, once you’re doing using and cleaning the electric knife set, simply towel dry all the parts, place them inside the case it comes with and store them safely until the next time you’ll need it. Yes, it’s that easy and convenient to use.


Although the Hamilton Beach 74275 has its loyal users who simply cannot live without the electric knife by their side, there are also some who raise some issues they have encountered while using this knife set. For some, the 7 and ½ inch blade is not long enough to cut through a very large turkey.

The key to overcoming this issue is to master your technique when it comes to slicing. You cannot expect to cut through a whole bird with just one slice; you will need to go through it in layers.

Another issue raised by users is the weight of the handle. It can be difficult to use the knife with the blades if you’re not accustomed to the weight of the electric knife that amounts to 2.9, which can cause a strain on your hands if you use it continuously.

The trick here is to take breaks in between cutting and slicing. When your hand feels tired, set down the knife for a minute or two before resuming your carving.

Also, be careful when cutting through bones and joints of meat as the blades might not be able to withstand the hard bones and eventually bend under pressure. Just focus on cutting through meat and avoid the harder parts and your knife will continue to work perfectly.


Carving meats and slicing bread using a traditional knife is achievable and not that hard of a task, but with the help of the Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve N’ Set, you can serve up meats and bread that look like they came from a restaurant.

Any household that is fond of hosting dinner parties and holiday meals will certainly enjoy having this electric knife set within arm’s reach.

Once you’ve started using an electric knife to carve and slice, there’s no going back to the traditional knife. The Hamilton Beach 74275 will prove that notion correct.

sliced salmon and knife of cutting board

Hotkey Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife Review

Hotkey Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife

A restaurant, whether big or small needs to have the right tools and equipment for it to function properly. Keeping a kitchen fully equipped and running smoothly translates to faster food production, without having to sacrifice the quality of food.

Having both of these qualities in a restaurant can earn you fame and a line of loyal diners waiting to eat at your place. This is why for a specialty restaurant that serves authentic and exotic meat dishes like doner, kebabs, shawarma, and gyro owning an electric knife is imperative in being successful.

If you have not yet settled on an electric knife for your small business, read this review of the Hotkey Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife to better understand what value it can add to your kitchen.


  • Ergonomically designed and easy to use handheld electric knife
  • Powerful and quiet motor
  • Compatible with all rotators
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Dishwasher safe and removable blades
  • Comes with whetstone for convenient blade sharpening
  • Made with stainless steel
  • CE Certified
  • Comes with a practical blade protector
  • Specs:

Blade thickness: 1.4mm

Weight: 1.61kg

Knife Diameter: 10cm

Cutting Thickness: Adjustable from 0-8mm

Power: 80W

Voltage: 110V

Charging time: 90 minutes


There are so many advantages to having your own powerful and quiet electric shawarma, doner, kebab, and gyro knife. For a restaurant, this means having access to freshly cut meats as soon as they need it. This means that meats will always be fresh and customers will certainly be able to tell.

Although it can be a daunting to operate a machine with blades, especially if you have had no prior experience, the Hotkey Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife is very easy to use and was designed to be simple. It comes with an ergonomically designed handle which fits perfectly and comfortably on a user’s hand.

The blades that come with this electric knife set are very sharp and are able to cut through meats like lamb and chicken easily. The whetstone that comes with the set also ensures that you can maintain the blade’s sharpness for a lifetime, making cutting and slicing meat convenient and maybe even enjoyable.

This handheld electric knife can be used continuously for up to 115 minutes at a time before the battery needs to be charged again. That is more than enough time to cut as many pieces you need to serve a handful of customers their orders.

The cutting thickness of the knife can also be adjusted to fit your specific needs so that you will have the freedom to choose thinly or thickly sliced meats, depending on your recipe, of course. The machine is also CE certified, which guarantees that you are using a quality product.

The Hotkey Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife gives an edge to kitchens that use this device because you will always have perfectly cut fresh meat that is ready to use at a moment’s notice. Plus, it is compact enough that it will not occupy too much storage space, making it even more convenient.


The most common problem with electric handheld knives is the charging and limitation with use. Electric knives like the one from this set need about 90 minutes for the battery to fully charge and can operate for just a maximum of 115 minutes.

This is an issue for restaurants who cut their meat in bulk. For you to avoid this problem, it is highly suggested that you invest in a second battery pack. With a spare battery, you can charge one while using the other and switch them out when needed, a simple, yet very effective solution.

Another disadvantage of the Hotkey Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife is its tendency to overheat. As a safety precaution, once the device overheats it stops working, which results in you also stopping in the middle of slicing.

This is a common issue for many batteries and electric powered devices. The only way to avoid this complication is to give your electric knife a break in between slicing and cutting. Letting the motor rest and giving it time to cool down will help in preserving the device, and it also gives you a nice break in between work.


The Hotkey Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife is a good investment for small restaurants. It comes at a very affordable price and does the work of bigger machines without occupying too much space or creating too much noise in the kitchen.

It is a small price to pay to have professionally sliced meats that are perfect for shawarmas, doners, gyros, and kebabs fresh and ready to grill at a moment’s notice.

If you are a specialty restaurant owner that wants an effective and fast-moving kitchen without having to sacrifice the flavor and quality of your food this is an electric knife worth looking into. Your kitchen will finally be complete with the addition of the Hotkey Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife as one of your basic kitchen tools.