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Coolbiz Professional Wireless Electric Knife Review

Coolbiz Professional Wireless Electric Knife

Having the right kitchen tools can make a big difference when you’re running a restaurant. These tools can help run in a kitchen running smoothly, which translates to happy and satisfied diners. Something all restaurants strive hard to achieve.

Spending money on expensive machines and devices for a small restaurant, specifically ones that are just starting out seems risky, but it is a crucial investment that should at the very least be considered by the restaurant owner.

If you are a restaurant owner who is yet to decide, continue reading as we will discuss the Coolbiz Professional Wireless Electric Knife and what value it can add to your kitchen and business.


  • Powerful and quite device
  • Round blade perfect for kebab slicing
  • Ergonomically designed handle for easy slicing
  • Compatible with all rotators
  • Portable and convenient
  • Easy to use and clean device
  • Comes with whetstone blade sharpener
  • Knife size: 100mm diameter, Cutting thickness: 0-8mm
  • Charging time: 90 minutes, Working time: Up to 115 minutes of continuous work
  • Dishwasher safe removable blade
  • Comes with different accessories: extra serrated blade, battery, charger, screwdriver, locking pin
  • CE certified


When it comes to professional electric knives the Coolbiz Professional Wireless Electric Knife gives value for money because it is a powerful and quiet machine. It is a wireless, handheld knife that can cut through meats that are perfect for shawarma, kebabs, and gyros.

By using this electric kitchen knife, cutting meats with ease and precision to be used in a restaurant has been made easier. The device comes with two different blades: a round blade and an extra serrated blade to give you an extra option of what type of cut to perform.

These blades require minimal effort during cleanup and maintenance since they are removable. The blades are dishwasher safe, which means after each use you can wash them and keep them clean to ensure your next cuts won’t be contaminated.

This electric knife set also comes with a whetstone to keep the blades sharp and in great shape. A simple 90-minute charge of the electric knife and you can use it continuously for up to 115 minutes to create the perfect meat cuts you desire.

The knife set comes with 2 batteries so that you can charge one battery while you are using the other. This means you can do more work without worry about the battery charging.

The ergonomically designed handle allows the user to control the Coolbiz Professional Wireless Electric Knife efficiently and comfortably. You can also adjust the thickness of the cuts ranging from 0mm to 8mm, to fit your specific needs.

The machine also comes with a CE certification, which means you are guaranteed a quality product that is safe for use both professionally and at home.

For those who have not yet experienced using a handheld electric knife or a similar device, this electric knife set also comes with an English Manual to serve as your guide for working and handling the knife safely.You can begin cutting and slicing shawarma, gyro, and kebab cuts freely and confidently as soon as you familiarize yourself with the instruction manual.


When it comes to working with electric knives, you should always expect a downside. No electric knife is perfect and the CoolBiz Professional Wireless Electric Knife also comes with flaws.

Since it is a wireless knife, you will need to charge a battery before you can begin to use this specific type of knife and charging takes 90 minutes, which for some users can be a waste of time.

Another disadvantage of a wireless electric knife is its limitation when used. This knife can only be used for up to 115 minutes of continuous cutting and slicing before the battery dies. This can pose as a hindrance for those who cut meat by the bulk.

The good thing about the CoolBiz Professional Wireless Electric Knife is that it comes with 2 batteries, which means you can use one while the other charges and change the batteries when you need to.

Although, it is important to remember that electric knives have a tendency to overheat when they are overworked and this brand is no different. Take caution and do not overuse the knife or you might cause harm to yourself and damage the knife beyond repair.


The CoolBiz Professional Wireless Electric Knife comes with some many accessories that it makes cutting and slicing easy, even for those who have never used an electric knife before. Since it is wireless, you are not stuck in a socket and can move freely while using the knife.

All in all, the Coolbiz Professional Wireless Electric Knife set makes a wonderful addition to a professional kitchen because of its many benefits. It might take a while to charge the batteries, but once they’re in full power you can use this powerful and quite machine to serve up some great shawarma, gyros, and kebabs to happy customers.

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