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Creative Electric Knife Uses

One of the common purchases during Thanksgiving is an electric knife. It is the preferred kitchen appliance to deliver precise cuts when carving a turkey.

However, there are many other creative electric knife uses beyond slicing up meat and vegetables during Thanksgiving. Below are some of the main other creative ones that you did not know about.

Creative Electric Knife Uses

If you own an electric knife, you will already have seen just how exceptionally convenient these devices are in the kitchen.

While the unit is a common site at most Thanksgiving tables, most people struggle to find other uses for it besides splicing poultry. If you enjoy the regular DIY projects, then you will discover that the tool is very helpful for a wide range of tasks around the home.

Recondition old chairs

An excellent place to start using your electric knife is in enhancing your upholstery. Simply use your electric knife to accurately cut foam cushions that you can then add to your old chairs or piano stools. It will enable you to get more use out of your old chairs.

Sound proof your room

Soundproofing is an increasingly important feature that allows you to reduce the impact of noise from other rooms as well as enhance the décor of your current room. There are numerous ways to solve acoustic problems, of which one is to add sound absorption panels. Take your electric knife and carve out a few acoustic panels out of foam and have them around your room.

Make your own pillow

A pillow can greatly increase your quality of sleep, especially if you have been having difficulty sleeping. That is what makes this DIY project especially fulfilling. Grab your electric knife and precisely create a customized foam pillow that suits your needs.

Easy DIY pluming

If you need to run a simple DIY plumbing job, then it is likely you will need to cut some insulation or PVC pipes to size. The electric knife allows you to accurately cut the pipes to size as it functions like a power saw.

Effortless recycling

While recycling is an important task, it can get pretty tiring, especially when you have to rip up cardboard boxes so that they fit inside the recycling container. However, thanks to an electric knife, you can quickly complete this task and simplify your moving process.

Making straight cuts on Styrofoam

If you have every tried to cut Styrofoam manually, then you already know that it is practically impossible to get a straight line. Your electric knife can make quick work of tasks like these and leave you with pleasantly straight cuts. Furthermore, you can even sculpt some nice holiday decoration from foam in all kinds of sizes and shapes.

Foam batting

One of the cheapest and most common home insulation strategies is the use of blanket or batt and roll. Basically, rolls of fiberglass are cut with the electric knife and then placed within the walls to insulate the house. It is an easy DIY project that will stop air from filtering through the cracks and gaps in the exterior part of the house.

Resizing a Mattress

As we have established clearly in this post, the best way of cutting foam is by using an electric knife. If you own a huge mattress that requires some resizing in order to fit your bed or room better, then you now know what you need to do. Simply take the measurements of the desired fit and cut off the excess using your handy electric knife

Tiered cake supports

When baking a cake, especially those ones with tiered proportions, you can use your reliable electric knife to create the wooden dowels that will act as layer supports.

These are just a few of the numerous projects that maximize your electric knife. The truth is, once you have invested your money into this kind of power tools, the precision cuts can become quite addictive. You will find yourself constantly looking for interesting ways to use this little tool. Just make sure you do not get carried away with cutting everything with your electric knife.


In conclusion, you do not need to store your electric knife away until the holiday season anymore. Try out one of the creative projects mentioned above and you will soon discover all these flexible and versatile uses. You are only limited by your creativity when it comes to using these devices. Nevertheless, make sure that you always observe the proper safety precautions to avoid accidents.

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