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Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve N’ Set Review

Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve N Set

It was in the 1970’s where electric knives were at their most popular. It seemed like every kitchen at home had an electric knife set for cutting and carving during the 70’s.

Today, however, electric knives are no longer as popular as they were before. This decrease in popularity can be attributed to the rise of several brands that are not as trustworthy and as high-quality as those that first started the electric knife industry.

With this issue, it’s understandable for people to forego the electric knife and stick to the traditional knives instead. At the same time, this shouldn’t limit you from exploring the world of electric knives because they do offer great advantages as compared to non-motorized knives.

For this review we will talk about the Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve N’ Set and how this electric knife set could possibly be the one that changes your opinion about electric knives.


  • Brand is known for its electric knives
  • Carves meats and bread easily
  • Stainless steel blades
  • FREE hard case for easy, compact, and space-saving storing
  • Slices are uniform in thickness
  • Easy to grip handle; ergonomically designed
  • FREE carving fork included


The Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve ‘N Set still remains as one of the most popular brands when it comes to electric knives. This fame and popularity are well-deserved as this brand has proven itself as a useful and reliable kitchen tool time and time again.

It’s strategically positioned two stainless steel blades aid in ensuring each cut of soft bread or thick and juicy meats are uniform in thickness. This creates a beautiful aesthetic when serving food that can rival those at a fine restaurant.

Another aspect of the electric knife that users rave about is it’s easy to grip, ergonomically designed handle that lets anyone who uses it carve like a pro.

The high-powered motor allows you to easily slice through meats like turkey and roasts without needing to exert too much effort. After serving and enjoying the meal with your guests, another hurdle needs to be jumped: clean up. At the end of entertaining, cleaning up is usually another chore most people find difficult to deal with.

Adding an extra tool to clean like an electric knife adds another hassle, but not with this particular knife set. The blades are dishwasher safe, meaning you can stick them inside the dishwasher and move on to the next chore in a blink of an eye.

Most people have forgotten all about the convenience an electric knife brings into the kitchen, but with one use of the Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve N’ Set they start to question how they’ve survived without it.

The best part, once you’re doing using and cleaning the electric knife set, simply towel dry all the parts, place them inside the case it comes with and store them safely until the next time you’ll need it. Yes, it’s that easy and convenient to use.


Although the Hamilton Beach 74275 has its loyal users who simply cannot live without the electric knife by their side, there are also some who raise some issues they have encountered while using this knife set. For some, the 7 and ½ inch blade is not long enough to cut through a very large turkey.

The key to overcoming this issue is to master your technique when it comes to slicing. You cannot expect to cut through a whole bird with just one slice; you will need to go through it in layers.

Another issue raised by users is the weight of the handle. It can be difficult to use the knife with the blades if you’re not accustomed to the weight of the electric knife that amounts to 2.9, which can cause a strain on your hands if you use it continuously.

The trick here is to take breaks in between cutting and slicing. When your hand feels tired, set down the knife for a minute or two before resuming your carving.

Also, be careful when cutting through bones and joints of meat as the blades might not be able to withstand the hard bones and eventually bend under pressure. Just focus on cutting through meat and avoid the harder parts and your knife will continue to work perfectly.


Carving meats and slicing bread using a traditional knife is achievable and not that hard of a task, but with the help of the Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve N’ Set, you can serve up meats and bread that look like they came from a restaurant.

Any household that is fond of hosting dinner parties and holiday meals will certainly enjoy having this electric knife set within arm’s reach.

Once you’ve started using an electric knife to carve and slice, there’s no going back to the traditional knife. The Hamilton Beach 74275 will prove that notion correct.

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