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Knife and sliced red chili pepper

Creative Electric Knife Uses

One of the common purchases during Thanksgiving is an electric knife. It is the preferred kitchen appliance to deliver precise cuts when carving a turkey.

However, there are many other creative electric knife uses beyond slicing up meat and vegetables during Thanksgiving. Below are some of the main other creative ones that you did not know about.

Creative Electric Knife Uses

If you own an electric knife, you will already have seen just how exceptionally convenient these devices are in the kitchen.

While the unit is a common site at most Thanksgiving tables, most people struggle to find other uses for it besides splicing poultry. If you enjoy the regular DIY projects, then you will discover that the tool is very helpful for a wide range of tasks around the home.

Recondition old chairs

An excellent place to start using your electric knife is in enhancing your upholstery. Simply use your electric knife to accurately cut foam cushions that you can then add to your old chairs or piano stools. It will enable you to get more use out of your old chairs.

Sound proof your room

Soundproofing is an increasingly important feature that allows you to reduce the impact of noise from other rooms as well as enhance the décor of your current room. There are numerous ways to solve acoustic problems, of which one is to add sound absorption panels. Take your electric knife and carve out a few acoustic panels out of foam and have them around your room.

Make your own pillow

A pillow can greatly increase your quality of sleep, especially if you have been having difficulty sleeping. That is what makes this DIY project especially fulfilling. Grab your electric knife and precisely create a customized foam pillow that suits your needs.

Easy DIY pluming

If you need to run a simple DIY plumbing job, then it is likely you will need to cut some insulation or PVC pipes to size. The electric knife allows you to accurately cut the pipes to size as it functions like a power saw.

Effortless recycling

While recycling is an important task, it can get pretty tiring, especially when you have to rip up cardboard boxes so that they fit inside the recycling container. However, thanks to an electric knife, you can quickly complete this task and simplify your moving process.

Making straight cuts on Styrofoam

If you have every tried to cut Styrofoam manually, then you already know that it is practically impossible to get a straight line. Your electric knife can make quick work of tasks like these and leave you with pleasantly straight cuts. Furthermore, you can even sculpt some nice holiday decoration from foam in all kinds of sizes and shapes.

Foam batting

One of the cheapest and most common home insulation strategies is the use of blanket or batt and roll. Basically, rolls of fiberglass are cut with the electric knife and then placed within the walls to insulate the house. It is an easy DIY project that will stop air from filtering through the cracks and gaps in the exterior part of the house.

Resizing a Mattress

As we have established clearly in this post, the best way of cutting foam is by using an electric knife. If you own a huge mattress that requires some resizing in order to fit your bed or room better, then you now know what you need to do. Simply take the measurements of the desired fit and cut off the excess using your handy electric knife

Tiered cake supports

When baking a cake, especially those ones with tiered proportions, you can use your reliable electric knife to create the wooden dowels that will act as layer supports.

These are just a few of the numerous projects that maximize your electric knife. The truth is, once you have invested your money into this kind of power tools, the precision cuts can become quite addictive. You will find yourself constantly looking for interesting ways to use this little tool. Just make sure you do not get carried away with cutting everything with your electric knife.


In conclusion, you do not need to store your electric knife away until the holiday season anymore. Try out one of the creative projects mentioned above and you will soon discover all these flexible and versatile uses. You are only limited by your creativity when it comes to using these devices. Nevertheless, make sure that you always observe the proper safety precautions to avoid accidents.

electric knife slicing meat

Can Electric Knife Cut Bone?

Electric knives are usually brought to the table when you want to slice a well cooked turkey to perfection. Known for being perfect for clean cuts through soft meats, these knives are quite versatile and an excellent addition to any kitchen. However, one of the main questions that people ask when it comes to these knives is the following: can electric knife cut bone? Read on below and find out.

Can Electric Knife Cut Bone

Best Uses of Electric Knife

When using any knife, you will discover that there are certain tasks that the knife excels at while others it simply is not effective. When it comes to electric knives specifically, it is advisable to avoid using these knives to cut through:

  • Tough meats, including bones
  • Soft foods

One exception when it comes to cutting bones with electric knives is when dealing with poultry. This is because poultry is generally moist and also not very tough as compared to red meats. It is still possible to cut through red meats with an electric knife, but you should do it carefully so that that blade does not hit the bone. The knife could easily break and get damaged.

Why Use an Electric Knife to Cut Meat?

The main reasons why you should use an electric knife to cut meat are as follows:

  • Less exertion – You do not have to use a lot of force when cutting when using an electric knife. The blades easily slice through the meat without having apply lots of pressure
  • Precision – For highly precise cuts to create uniform slices of meat, an electric knife is the best option
  • Speed – It takes up to ten minutes to cut through a turkey manually, and less than a minute when using an electric knife.

How to Cut Bone Using an Electric Knife

There are some cases where you can use an electric knife to cut through bone. If you do not like using shears or you prefer using the swift blade of your electric knife, then follow these steps below. First of all you need to ensure that the meat is frozen, as this will make it easier for the blade to cut through.

When cutting through frozen food, there are a few key principles that help ensure a safe process. You can easily cut packages of meats, bones, frozen vegetables and fish directly from your freezer. One of the benefits of doing this is the fact that it can accelerate the process of cooking during those busy days when you want to prepare meals quickly.

Required Items

  • Cutting board
  • Electric knife
  • Frozen-food knife

It is recommended to cut through bone using a strong, tough stainless steel blade on a sizeable cutting board. Some electric knife blades are specifically designed to be used with frozen items. Generally, these blades will have serrated edges as well as the ability to stay sharp for a longer time since they are designed to be quite hard.

You should be very cautious when handling an electric knife. This is because this equipment can cut both through the frozen meat and bones.

Always follow the manufacturer’s directions to avoid injuries or accidents. However, electric knives are generally designed to be safe to use without any hassles.

The first step is to wash the serrated electric blades by hand or in your dishwasher. It is important that the blade is as sharp as possible to prevent accidents. In addition, it ensures that you do a clean cutting job.

Remember to point the electric knife away from your body while cutting the frozen meat and bone. Frozen items are usually quite slippery, so ensure you are holding onto the item safely so that it does not slip accidently when cutting. So, secure the meat in place on your cutting board first before trying to make cuts through the bone.

Finally, you can make the cuts using the electric knife, and then wash your cutting board with hot water and soap afterwards. This will help avoid contamination since frozen meat can leave residues that cause bacteria growth if you do not clean your board correctly.


In conclusion, the question whether or not electric knife can cut bones can be seen to be dependent on a few factors. While it can cut through the light poultry bones without any difficulty, it is the red meat bone that is an issue. However, you can still cut through bone using an electric knife provided you freeze the meat first in advance.

Slicing red chili on black cutting board

Electric Knife vs. Regular Knife

Knives are amongst the most important kitchen appliances. They are essential in making cuttings every day. One of the latest innovations has been to create electric knives that function slightly better than regular knives. The following is a brief look at electric knife vs. regular knife to help you decide whether it is worth making the upgrade.

Electric Knife vs Regular Knife


A regular knife can easily handle a wide range of cutting tasks, whether it is preparing meats, fruits or vegetables. You simply hold the handle and push through the foods you want to cut in order to make slices or cuts. However, a regular knife does not guarantee the same level of consistent cuts like you would get with an electric knife.

An electric knife can also handle most of the cutting tasks like a regular knife, but usually with more precision and less hassle. Once you flip the switch on, the motor and the blade do most of the work. You only have to guide the blade and get some clean cuts without exerting yourself.


Even though a regular knife can be quite flexible, an electric knife is a lot more flexible compared to a normal knife. As a result of this flexibility, an electric knife can provide more precise and accurate cuts. It is the perfect option for cutting pieces of delicate meat. You can even adjust the speed of the blade to get the most accurate cut you want.

A normal knife is not really as flexible since you are limited to your own strength when it comes to maneuvering the blade. For example, it is much easier to use an electric blade to carve out a turkey as compared to a normal blade. While a regular knife will still get the job done, the presentation will be a lot messier than its electric counterpart.


All knives, whether regular or electric, must be handled safely to avoid accidents. While the general design of an electric knife makes it seem less safe compared to a regular knife, it is actually safe to use.

Most electric knives today are filled with safety features that guarantee ease of use with no risk of hurting yourself. This includes things like trigger locks and ability to be safely stored away when not in use.

A regular knife is also safe to use provided you keep it away from kids. Unlike electric knives, which have childproof features, a regular knife that is not stored properly can result in accidental injury. That is why it is recommended to store your knives safely away from the reach of children.


An obvious difference between an electric knife and a regular knife is the price and overall maintenance cost. In this case, a normal knife costs less and has minimal maintenance costs. Simply buy and get started with your daily cuttings.

However, a good electric knife is more costly than a regular knife due to its complex design. You will also need to spend a bit of money in maintenance and repairs over the course of its lifetime. In addition, electric knives consume electricity and contribute to your power bill while regular knives do not.

Ease of Use

Since a regular knife requires your strength to guide the blade, it is harder to use as compared to the electric knife. In contrast, electricity is used to power an electric knife, thus allowing the user to simply guide the knife where they want. You can make more cuts with an electric knife before feeling exhausted, unlike regular knives that utilize your energy.

Amount of Cuts

Regular knives are adequate enough to handle small tasks of cutting or slicing. On the other hand, electric knives can handle large piles of slicing or cutting tasks. Electric knives can handle significantly higher workloads in a quick and accurate manner.

It would take a very long time for a person with a regular knife to complete the same kind of heavy workload, especially with a high level of precision.


Now that you can tell the clear difference between an electric knife and regular knife, it is easy to see why the electric versions have become increasingly popular nowadays. Despite costing a bit more than regular knives, electric knives deliver more value in terms of ease of use, flexibility, precision cuts and ability to handle a heavy workload.

With a good electric knife, you will enjoy all your cutting experiences. It makes cleaner cuts for a much better result, along with minimizing wastage.

Woman with knife cutting vegetables on cutting board

What Is an Electric Knife?

If you are wondering what is electric knife, then you have come to the right place. Basically, an electric knife is a modern kitchen appliance designed to automate the process of cutting. There are two types of electric knives; cordless and corded knives. The blades of these knives usually move very fast, enabling users to effortlessly and quickly cut items.

What Is an Electric Knife

Benefits of Having an Electric Knife

Buying an electric knife is an excellent buying decision because of several reasons. These knives are all about the quality and speed of the cut. Since the electric knife handles the slicing part of the work, you can focus more on how you place the cuts. The result is better consistency and uniformity on difficult to cut items, such as baked poultry, raw meats and even hard veggies like squash.

The next benefit also relates to the ease of use and consistency. Because the electric knife does most of the cutting work, most people who were inhibited from preparing their own meals due to certain health problems can reclaim their kitchen.

Generally, it is very easy to maneuver an electric knife through a wide range of food items safely. This means more food variety and independence for those people who normally struggle with cutting and preparing in more conventional formats.

The other notable benefit of using an electric knife is cost. Today, you can find top quality electric knives priced significantly less than traditional kitchen knives.

Additionally, most electric knives do not require regular sharpening as their serrated blades easily deal with any food items placed before them. Provided you use your unit safely, you will have a very useful and versatile kitchen appliance.

Finding a Good Electric Knife

A good electric knife is going to deliver great performance every day with very minimal maintenance. Here are some of the main factors that stand out when looking at multiple models.

  • Multiple speeds – The ability to adjust the speed of the blade is beneficial when dealing with extra tough items or just light uses during the serving process
  • Stainless steel blades – An electric knife with stainless steel blades offers more durability without the risk of warping or tarnishing with time
  • Storage – Some electric knives come with a block tray or a storage case for a convenient storage option when not in use

Considerations for Buying an Electric Knife.

For more flexibility, consider buying an electric knife that has two blades; one for meats and tough items and the other for slicing bread and similar items.

However, if you intend to slice bread more regularly than carving out whole poultry items like turkey, then it is best to go for one that has a smooth cutting surface. A smoother knife will help you create very clean slices through fresh bread.

Fishermen are also included in the fast growing electric knife sector as well. There are fillet knives available today on sale that offers users a convenient cordless alternative when fishing. You can use these knives to clean out your fish directly on site rather than waiting to come and do the job at home.

A well-designed electric knife should have adequate safety features in place that prevent kids from using this appliance accidentally.

This includes things like double triggers or locking triggers, so be sure to confirm the exact safety features on the model you are buying. Otherwise, these appliances are safe to use provided you follow the directions.

If you want a corded electric knife, ensure you get one that has a long swivel cord. This kind of electric cord will give you more consistent power output throughout the cutting job.

However, for more portability and convenience, you should check out a cordless electric knife. Make sure that you regularly charge the inbuilt batteries to increase durability.

The size of the blade is also a key consideration of buyers looking at different electric knives. An electric knife with a 7 to 10 inches long blade will be adequate for most cutting tasks around the house.


An electric knife is a necessity for certain people who have grip problems. For example, even someone with arthritis or any other medical problems can still use these knives, thanks to their overall versatility.

Even without these medical problems, however, owning an electric knife is a huge convenience when you want to carve a turkey or slice bread at home.Remember to always use your electric knife safely and it will definitely make your cutting work easier.