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Cuisinart 7117-16EPS Roaster Review

Cuisinart 7117-16EPS Roaster Review

Cuisinart is well known in the kitchen and dining industry as a top manufacturer of rotisseries and roasters. One such product by this Chinese manufacturer is the Cuisinart 7117-16EPS roaster which is a great roaster package for all your Thanksgiving needs.

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that despite it being a quality roaster, this item is quite affordable, given its size which is 16 inches. In addition, it comes with additional tools such as an electric knife, turkey lifters and a meat thermometer not forgetting the turkey blaster.

As an added feature for convenience purposes, the Cuisinart 7117 roaster is built in a way that the U-shaped rack is removable. This means that it’s now even easier to clean using the dishwasher. The rack also means that your turkey will cook perfectly with even heat and oil distribution.

Below is a summary of all these features as well as other benefits you get to enjoy when you buy the Cuisinart 7117-16EPS roaster.


  • 16” roaster (21” with handles, 13” wide, 3.5” depth )
  • 1 Electric knife
  • 2 turkey lifters
  • 1 turkey baster
  • Meat thermometer
  • Removable stainless U-rack
  • Country of manufacture: China


  • Affordable
  • Stainless steel
  • Safe to clean using dishwasher
  • Removable stainless u-rack ensure even distribution of heat and oils during cooking
  • Electric knife cuts through the roast effortlessly
  • Turkey lifters are built strong and sturdy
  • Easy and safe to use


  • Single ply stainless coating
  • 500 degree limit
  • Feels lightweight for a pan this size


As mentioned earlier, this roaster is great value for money. All additional tools add to the convenience of cooking turkey using this roaster. If we go a bit into details of how each tool works, you’ll be amazed at how effortless it is preparing for Thanksgiving or the Christmas holidays.

For example, this 16 inch roaster can handle large turkeys of up to 20.2 pounds. Setting such a huge turkey on a tray can be a hassle but not with the Cuisinart 7117-16EPS roaster. It comes with two turkey lifters which make the whole process hassle free.

This roaster also comes with a turkey baster which makes the marinating process a whole lot easier. Splitting the roaster is now effortless and less messy thanks to the electric knife which comes with the roaster.

An additional impressive feature about this roaster is the removable U-rack. The rack is designed in a way that it keeps the roast/turkey stable during the cooking process. Moreover, it also guarantees even distribution of heats and oils making for a perfectly cooked turkey.

Lastly, the meat thermometer was also an interesting addition. This ensures that your turkey is just the right temperature when it’s coming out of the oven – not undercooked or overcooked.


We compared the Cuisinart 7117-16EPS roaster to the Oster CKSTRS20 stainless steel roaster mainly because these two products are within the same price range. There were some similarities and differences in terms of performance, load capacity as well as build and design.

One major difference is in how these two roasters work. While the Cuisinart 7117-16EPS roaster cooks with another oven, its counterpart comes with its own oven. This means that it’s the perfect roaster for those of us without ovens. In addition, the Oster roaster is portable which means you can bring it along with you while on a visit to friends and family.

In terms of load capacity and size, the Cuisinart roaster is 16 inch in length while the Oster roaster is a bit larger with a 20-quart capacity. In other words, the Cuisinart can accommodate 20 lbs. turkeys while the larger Oster roaster is able to cook an impressive 24 lbs. roast/turkey.

Both roaster designs take into consideration the removable roasting pan. This means that with these roasters cleaning is less of a hassle. In addition, it makes it easier to transfer food from the roast to the tray/serving plates.

Overall, the Oster CKSTRS20-SBC stainless steel roaster is slightly better than the Cuisinart 7117-16EPS roaster. Nevertheless, both these roasters are perfect for large feasts or when you are having your friends and relative over for dinner.


Overall, the Cuisinart 7117-16EPS roaster is an excellent product worth a buy. It comes with all the mentioned tools which make cooking for the family hassle free. It’s an affordable roaster and a great addition to your kitchen arsenal. Despite having some faults, this roaster cooks great and is the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

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