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Hotkey 110V 60Hz Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife Review

Hotkey 110V 60Hz Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife Review

When preparing kebab or shawarma, you need a special knife to easily slice the meat. A specially designed gyro or shawarma knife makes achieving uniform cuts a lot easier. One of the best electric gyro knives that you can get today is the Hotkey 110v 60Hz Powerful Electric Knife. It is not only suitable for home settings, but is preferred in many commercial establishments.


  • Powerful electric knife but still quiet during operation
  • Fully adjustable cutting thickness from 0 to 8mm
  • 10cm blade is removable for easy maintenance
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design for easy use
  • Whet stone blade sharpener
  • Comes with several accessories
  • Convenient and portable
  • Easy to disassemble blade with the locking pin


  • Cuts shawarma quickly allowing you to serve clients faster
  • Makes uniform cuts to enable your meat go further while also improving presentation
  • It is easy to use compared to cutting with circular saws or a normal large knife
  • Wide 10mm blade is adequate for most stack and pit setups
  • Blade is easy to remove and wash
  • The included whetstone helps maintain blade sharpness over its lifetime
  • Highly portable and fits well with any shawarma, gyro or kebab machine


  • It may feel a bit heavy to some, but keep in mind that this unit is designed as a professional machine
  • The logo is quite big compared to the size of the device


The Hotkey 110V 60Hz Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife offers a simple way to prepare and serve shawarma and kebab among others. The knife features a sharp and strong blade that is made of high quality stainless steel. As a result, you can rely on this electric knife to easily handle the heavy usage but still last for a long time.

The removable blade is thick enough to cut through even the thickest meat cuts. You can effortlessly cut chicken, cartilage meat, lamb or a mixture of meats with this electric knife. The cuts can also be adjusted up to 8mm depending on your needs. Even though it is a very powerful electric knife, it operates very quietly and this adds to its general usefulness.

When buying a shawarma or kebab electric knife, safety is a very important consideration. This Hotkey 110V 60Hz Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife features a blade protector that ensures your hands are always safe when using it. In addition, the ergonomic handle enables the electric knife to snuggly fit in the hands, further ensuring proper use and improving safety.

Besides the round kebab slicer, this Hotkey also comes with an extra serrated blade. Both blades are super sharp and are very easy to handle and maintain. You also get a whetstone to keep the blades as sharp as possible. The included locking pin allows you to switch between the two blades and also perform maintenance services like cleaning.

It comes with two batteries and a charger that allow you to work continuously without stoppages for more than 100 minutes. While it is a matter of preference, some say that the big logo gives it a nice professional look.


A close competitor of this Hotkey electric knife is the KeyTop 110V-120V/60Hz Professional and Commercial Electric Shawarma Knife, Gyro Knife, Doner Kebab Slicer. With this particular knife, you can cut up to 60 kg per day and it can fit all kebab, shawarma and gyro machines.

Even though it is quite cheap, expect to hear a lot of noise during operation. As a result, it is not the best option for a restaurant setting as it may even scare your customers once you start using it.

Yescom 80W 110V Commercial Electric Stainless Steel Doner Kebab Knife 3″ Blade Kabob Sliver is another cheap option to keep in mind. It is effective at cutting different types of meat and kebab. With a cutting capacity of up to 60 kg per day, it is also quite powerful. However, unlike the Hotkey electric knife you only get one blade.


Overall, this Hotkey 110V 60Hz Professional and Commercial Powerful Electric Knife is a handy knife to have, whether at home or in your commercial establishment. It is portable, easy to control, fast and powerful. The meat cuts are precise and uniform, which is great for gyros, kebabs or whichever dishes you are preparing.

It is also nice to have two blades that are interchangeable, as well as the convenient blade protector. With a durable design and high power output, this electric knife is an overall great purchase.

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