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KeyTop Professional and Commercial Electric Knife Review

KeyTop Professional and Commercial Electric Knife

For anyone who has had the experience of running a kitchen or even just a food stall knows the importance of having the right tools for the trade.

This is even more crucial for those who run a specialty store who serve a specific type of food that requires precision and professional handling. If you have or are planning to open up a restaurant or food shop that serves meats needed to be cut a certain way, investing in an electric knife should be a top priority.

For this product review, we will be discussing the KeyTop Professional and Commercial Electric Knife that is can be used for Shawarmas, Gyros, and Doner Kebabs.


  • KeyTop Brand
  • Handle is ergonomically designed
  • 110-120V/60Hz voltage requirement
  • 80W Power
  • USA Two Pin Plug type
  • Serrated blade with one extra round blade
  • Comes with Whetstone
  • 100mm diameter; 0-8mm cutting depth
  • Up to 60kg daily cutting capacity
  • Convenient and portable
  • Easy to use and to clean
  • High quality, sold and shipped directly by the manufacturer
  • Kebab, Shawarma, and Gyro machine compatible


The KeyTop Professional and Commercial Electric Knife comes with a super sharp serrated blade and an extra round blade to allow you diversity when cutting meats. The high-quality blades can cut through lamb, chicken, and various other meats usually used for kebabs, shawarmas, and gyros with ease.

Knives, even electric knives will become dull with continued use, which is why this electric knife set doesn’t just come with an extra blade, it also comes with a whetstone so that you can sharpen the blades and keep them sharp for a lifetime.

The knife is also very safe to handle as it comes with a practical blade protector to ensure that you stay safe while using the device. An ergonomically designed handle makes it very easy to use as it fits perfectly into the hand and the user can slice with ease and precision with comfort.

Since knives are used to handle food, which requires them to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly,the KeyTop Professional and Commercial Electric Knife was also designed to make clean up and maintenance easy. It comes with a removable blade which can be locked into place using a simple locking screw when you are done cleaning it.

This device comes at a very affordable price, perfect for small restaurant owners who are just starting out in the industry. It can do the job of the more expensive electric knife sets without the expensive price tag attached.

The manufacturer also does their part in ensuring that those who purchase their products are fully satisfied. They are very receptive to feedback and will happily entertain questions about their electric knife set.

Plus, if you are not happy with the purchase or have second thoughts, the company has a 7-day return policy where items can be returned by the customer as long as they are unused, undamaged, and are still in their original packaging.


When you purchase a product that is offered below market value, you cannot expect it to perform like the more expensive brands. Users have raised the issue that the KeyTop Professional and Commercial Electric Knife cannot keep up with their needs in the kitchen. This may be because the electric knife is used beyond its capacity which can lead to early damages and breakdowns.

If you are using this product for commercial purposes, make sure to give the knife a break and not continue using it beyond its limit to ensure they last longer.

Some customers have also noted that the electric knife is louder than what they are used to. This can be an issue for those who have small restaurants where the sound can get too loud for their customers to handle. If you have a back kitchen, it would be better to store and use the knife at the back, away from the dining area where it can startle your diners.

The blades may also need to be sharpened more often than other brands, especially when the knife is used regularly. Make sure that you keep them sharp to avoid damages to the blade. Since the set comes with its own whetstone, sharpening regularly will not be a problem.


Overall the KeyTop Professional and Commercial Electric Knife does what it’s supposed to do. It cuts shawarma, gyro, and kebabs with ease and its price cannot be beaten. Take note that this device may not be the perfect electric knife set if you are planning to cut meat in bulk regularly.

This is a knife that works great for small scale cutting. Do not over-work the device or it might breakdown after just a few uses. Keep the blade sharp and clean them often to ensure the electric knife lasts longer.

If you have a small restaurant and want to cut meats with precision and ease, the KeyTop Professional and Commercial Electric Knife will make a great addition to your kitchen.

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